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Why Crossroads College Counseling

There’s no denying it. The college application process is not as straightforward as it once was. Students today are required to jump through many more hoops in order to gain college admission. In addition, in order to be competitive for certain programs at many colleges, students are finding it increasingly necessary to begin preparing for the college admissions process long before their junior or senior year of high school.

While high school counselors are a vital part of the college admissions process, the average student/ counselor ratio at a typical public high school is 500 to 1. Moreover, though well-meaning, most high school counselors have numerous other administrative duties which prevent them from being able to provide students with a comprehensive, individualized college counseling approach.

Crossroads College Counseling can ease the stress by tailoring an admissions plan to each student’s particular needs and by acting as an intermediary between the student and parents to help alleviate any tension associated with the college application process.

Crossroads College Counseling is committed to finding the best fit colleges for our students. To that end, we regularly tour campuses and meet with admissions officers in order to gain first-hand knowledge of colleges and their admissions requirements, programs and campus cultures. In addition, we stay current on admission trends and developments by regularly attending professional conferences and workshops. Some additional benefits we provide include:

  • Assessments to identify personal and academic strengths and interests
  • Personalized plan to enhance college admissibility based upon the student’s academic record, test scores, extracurricular activities and potential career goals
  • Assistance identifying reach, target and safety schools
  • Support and advice with respect to high school curriculum, standardized testing, essays, interviews, financial aid and scholarships
  • Review and advice with respect to summer plans for employment opportunities, college visits, athletic camps and/or study programs
  • Overview and advice of various application choices such as early decision, early action and regular decision
  • Comprehensive consultation on all facets of written college and/or scholarship applications
  • Strategy in case of a deferral or waitlist status
  • Help preparing for the transition to college, including consultation on student housing, initial course selection, registration and Greek life at the student’s selected college

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